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The elegant man quietly lunching alone who looks like David Bowie actually is the reclusive rock god. He bought a three-bedroom '70s modernist house on 50 acres (also for $ million cash) with wife Iman in nearby Shokan in 2012. The hamlet, population 1,000, also is where 29-year-old Facebook co-founder and The New Republic publisher/editor in chief Chris Hughes (net worth: at least $600 million) and husband Sean Eldridge , a potential congressional candidate, purchased a $2 million modern house overlooking the reservoir in January. Oscar winner Melissa Leo , Aidan Quinn , Vera Farmiga , Willem Dafoe , Julie & Julia writer Julie Powell and Date Night director Shawn Levy also own houses in or around this region of the Catskill Mountains.

That came to fruition in the latest episode of Riverdale, ‘Death Proof,’ which included Toni revealing that she is “more into girls” after kissing Jughead in last week’s episode. This makes her the show’s first openly bisexual character, since Moose’s sexuality is still not something openly known among the other characters or the viewers.

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